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About Robyn Drake

Saddle Fitting since 2009

Robyn Drake, CSF, ESMT is based in Half Moon Bay, California and offers saddle fitting and body work in the Bay Area/NorCal and New Mexico for Custom Saddlery and Bliss of London fine saddles. Her saddle services include saddle sales, fitting, flocking, tree adjustments, some repairs, and complete strip flocks.

She graduated from an independent US-based saddle fitting school, trained in England with a Master Saddler, and has done fitting training with numerous saddle manufacturers. She is qualified to work on any type of english saddle.

Originally based in Chicago, Robyn covered 5 states in the Midwest, until relocating to the Bay Area in 2013.

Robyn grew up on a large ranch and farm in Iowa where her family raised horses. She started with nappy shetland ponies. Undeterred, she has had horses ever since. Her degrees in Fine Art, and subsequent years as a professional artist in Chicago gave her a trained eye for balance and symmetry — essential skills in evaluating saddle fit and bio-mechanical issues in horses which give rise to saddle fitting challenges.

Body Work since 1999

Nearly 20 years ago, Robyn started a business in equine massage, and studied with some of the best in the field on the East Coast for Equine Sports Massage and Myofascial Release. She also studied Equine Kinesiology and Biomechanics, and dissections through Tufts University Veterinary Medical School.

Robyn’s unique approach to body work combines elements and techniques from Sports Massage, Myofascial Release, Shiatzu, and Trigger Point therapies. Her knowledge of biomechanics, kinesthetics/gait analysis, conformation, and classical physical therapies assist to re-balance the horse. Her experience as an amateur marathon runner, triathlete, and martial arts instructor grant her an empathetic understanding of the rigors of physical training.

Since the age of 3, Robyn has ridden and competed in numerous disciplines, including western pleasure, endurance trail riding, bareback gaming, pole-bending, barrel racing, saddle seat (equitation & 5-gaited), hunt/jump, and classical dressage.



Robyn Drake partners with well-known brands in the industry in order to provide you with the best quality equine equipment.